One of the most shocking discoveries of modern analytic philosophy is that of the Zombie – a creature which behaves just like a human in every conceivable way but which does not experience consciously. In the jargon, it has no qualia.
This novel serves two purposes. The first is to introduce the public to some of the most significant issues of philosophy in an approachable and familiar way. The second is to contribute to the philosophical project by giving those working on the Philosophy of Mind a clear visualisation of exactly what life as a philosophical zombie would be like.

There is, of course, an additional twist! One of the characters is not a zombie. Try to guess which one.


I have just begun a new project. Pride and Prejudice, again, the aged classic in a timeless retelling! Pride and Presentism – the story of Elizabeth Bennet as though only the present moment is real and supposed references to past and future are merely conversational fictions.


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